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Why The Sky
Is Far Away

A Fable

Many, many years ago, Aondo, the Sky, lived very close to humans. In fact, He lived right above their homes and farms.

As the Sky, he held great power. He controlled when the rains came, when the sun rose, and when the moon shone at night.

He loved to watch humans going about their lives, as they farmed, loved, laughed, and generally lived.

Humans knew Aondo was close, almost close enough to touch. But by and large, they ignored His presence.

One day, Aondo floated lazily above the world, watching a busy village. Below him, mango trees sagged with fruit, and chickens scratched in the dirt.

Suddenly, a woman came out of her hut. She was the most beautiful woman Aondo had ever seen.

She had just boiled yams. Ready to pound them into food, she put them into a mortar and grabbed her pestle. The woman began pounding, softly singing as she worked.

Aondo was bewitched by her beauty, and moved in closer to watch her work. Without knowing it, Sky crept nearer and nearer. He wanted to be as close to her as possible.

Oblivious to Aondo floating right behind her, the woman continued pounding yams.

Suddenly, disaster struck. The woman raised her pestle especially high, and with a >smack, it accidentally hit Aondo in the nose. Surprised by the pain, he flew backwards, moving back to a place far above the village.

Unable to shake the humiliation, Aondo settled high above the humans, deciding never to come any closer. He still takes care of the sun, the rains, and the moon, but he will never be as near as he once was.

That's why the sky is so far away.

The End


A previous version of this website used Flash and the webcam to generate AR animations at each stage of the story. While the technology is out of date, below you can see a video of it in action.