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A Collection of Afrofuturist Stories

Pixel Fable features tales of astronauts & starships, sailors & witches, people from the past & future. It is an interactive archive of African and Diasporan tales, created for the digital age.

Cricket and Mud Brick

Cricket and Mud Brick were best friends. This is the tale of their tragic journey into the forest and the choices that changed them forever.

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Why Death Visits Man

Once upon a time, every living thing on the Earth was immortal, and it was peaceful. But when the spirit of Death started boasting, everything changed. Read the sad story of how Death came to our world.

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Why The Crab Walks One Way, Then Another

Find out why the crab scuttles one way, then the other way!

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About Pixel Fable

Pixel Fable is a collection of interactive Afrofuturist stories. Some are simple morality tales, while others are stories of travel on the oceans and between stars. It is an archive of African and Diasporan tales, designed for the digital age.